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What is Stud+ Model Project

Who We Are: 

The Stud+ (Masculine Presenting Lesbians, Non-Binary, and Trans-Masc) Model Project is an agency that aims to revolutionize the creative industry by offering a platform that connects models, talents and creatives directly with brands and industry professionals, without the need for traditional agencies. Our team is composed of vetted, and experienced creative directors, coaches, photographers, stylists, and beauty professionals who are passionate about creating a fairer and more transparent industry.


Our Mission

We believe that creative art should be an inclusive and empowering industry for all individuals, regardless of their ethnicity, race, background, gender, or body type. Our mission is to create a platform that allows our members to be in control of their careers, build genuine connections, and work with industry professionals who value diversity, inclusivity, and authenticity.


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Our Vision:

We envision a future where the creative industry is a more diverse, inclusive, and ethical space. By giving our members the tools they need to succeed on their own terms, we can create a more equitable industry that benefits everyone involved. We believe that our platform has the potential to transform the culture and creative industry, while making it a more accessible and empowering space for talents from all backgrounds.






Our Approach:


Community: We are revolutionizing the traditional modeling and creative agency. In response to the lack of transparency and unfair practices, we've built a community-centric approach. Here, individuals take control of their careers, eliminating the need for costly agency fees and limiting contracts. We foster a psychologically safe space, ensuring fairness for our members.


Training: Our commitment extends beyond mere connections. We empower our members with tools to shape their creative journey. Through tailored training and virtual workshops, individuals gain the skills needed to excel. We believe in supporting our members from start to finish, offering a comprehensive approach that honors their identity and uniqueness.


Content Creating:  Book our monthly group photoshoot and content creating sessions to help build your portfolio, grow your brand, meet affiliate marketing and influencer objectives, or simply sharpen your posing techniques.   1-on-1 sessions are available for members looking for a more curated experience.  Members can also work directly with our industry pro vendors by booking with them separately.


Collaboration: Our team provides a bridge between talents and industry professionals. From modeling and influencer, to acting and live entertainers, we post vetted collaboration and casting opportunities that supports every member's success. We search the globe for fashion, tv/film and influencer opportunities, while ensuring and embracing organizations where inclusivity, creativity, and excellence converge.


Meetups/Events: We forge connections that surpass the digital realm. Our platform goes beyond online interactions by fostering real-world meetups and group trips. Immerse yourself in a community that drives positive change within their tribe and the creative industry. Together, let's invite, build and nurture an environment where true community thrives, supports, and dreams have no limits.

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Download the “Stud Model Project” SMP Community app today to easily stay connected and engaged on the go.

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