A brief history on how the STUD MODEL PROJECT was born: From 2000-2009 Serial entrepreneur and LGBTQ Philanthropist, Teresa Morcho famously hosted events in the regional South East for women who loved other women and simply wanted to connect, outside of "Pride Time." She frequently had trouble finding professional quality stock images of beautiful "Studs" that she could use for marketing and promotion of her events.  The pictures she did find on the internet did not represent the women in the LGBTQ community that she knew or her events for that matter.  The more Teresa searched for images of this particular group of women, the more she realized the general lack of representation in fashion and media.   


          Teresa invested much time teaching herself all that she could learn about photography and began taking photos of women at LGBTQ Events.  She flooded the internet with the images, particularly the ones of fashionable studs and before she knew it, she was receiving mass messages from "Studs" and "Masculine identifying" women throughout the USA and beyond that had been looking for a platform just like hers, that allowed them to model as their true self. They showed support in high numbers, and Teresa wanted to show that love and support right back, and so THE STUD MODEL PROJECT was born.


           8 years later, this project has grown into a community of women that are breaking out of their shells and pursuing their dreams in modeling.  Teresa and her efficient team have traveled to over 20 major cities and captured 100's of "Stud" models which are compiled in two books, SMP Vol 1 and Vol II. (Enjoy the complete SMP journey here: )


           These books are indeed a work of art and everyone who gets to hold one is amazed by the quality and representation.  Teresa has done 100% of the photography, editing, publishing, and distribution. Teresa's passion and drive for THE STUD MODEL PROJECT have allowed her the opportunity to join the SVTV NETWORK in 2019, in producing what is sure to be a groundbreaking show.  A show about the Ups and Downs of some of the actual models who are "Handsomely Beautiful Women" that struggle to get the recognition they deserve as, OUT members of the LGBTQ community, that simply want to be respected and adequately represented in Mainstream media, and the world. 



         We will be touring all summer long as we prepare for our 3rd volume release.  Click here to pick up a copy of our books and/or register below.


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