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Agent & Agency Roles & Responsibilities

Understanding the Role of an Agent or Agency Virtual Workshop

  • 25 US dollars

Session Description

Agent & Agency Roles & Responsibilities Module 1: The Agency-Model Relationship Understand the foundational partnership between models and agencies. Explore the benefits of collaborating with modeling agencies. Learn the obligations that models and agencies have in their professional relationship. Module 2: Agency Services and Support Discover the array of services that modeling agencies provide to models. Gain insights into the importance of services such as portfolio development, marketing, and client connections. Recognize how agencies can support a model's career growth and success. Module 3: Responsibilities and Expectations Explore the specific obligations and expectations that both models and agencies should adhere to. Develop a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each party in the agency-model relationship. Learn how to navigate this partnership effectively to maximize career opportunities and achievements.

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