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Local, National & International Gigs

Booking fashion gigs globally Virtual Workshop

  • 25 US dollars

Session Description

Local, National & International Gigs Module 1: The Essentials of Fashion Show Participation Grasping the Fundamental Requirements for Fashion Show Participation Navigating Local, National, and Global Fashion Show Criteria Recognizing the Importance of Fulfilling Obligations to Ensure a Smooth Experience Module 2: Preparing for Different Fashion Show Scales Tailoring Your Preparation for Local, National, and Global Fashion Shows Understanding the Distinct Requirements and Expectations for Each Scale Ensuring Compliance with Venue and Event Regulations Module 3: Showcasing Professionalism and Reliability Embracing Professionalism and Reliability in Fashion Show Participation Meeting Punctuality and Communication Standards Upholding the Best Practices for a Successful Show Module 4: Approaching Agencies as a New Model Identifying Brands/Events for Collaboration and Securing Fashion Show Opportunities Crafting Persuasive Portfolio Tailored to Different Styles of modeling Building Strong and Enduring Relationships with Casting Agents & Agencies Demonstrating Your Positive Impact on Brands and Fashion Shows

Contact Details

  • + 1 4702317171

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