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SMP Orientation

Introduction to SMP & the 6-Month Masc Model Bootcamp

    Session Description

    Stud+ Model Project App & Bootcamp Orientation We're thrilled to have you embark on this exciting journey with Stud+ Model Project (SMP). This orientation is designed to help you seamlessly navigate our dedicated app and make the most of the diverse opportunities and resources it offers. To prepare for a successful career as a professional model, it is also important to understand the following: MONTH 1 - Start building your portfolio MONTH 2 - Develop your personal brand MONTH 3 - Research and understand the industry MONTH 4 - Understanding Contracts and Copyrights MONTH 5 - Find an agent or agency that understands and supports androgynous modeling MONTH 6 - Real World Application POST BOOTCAMP - Stay healthy, active and engaged

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    • + 1 4702317171

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