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Toronto, ON - Digitals & Comp Cards

Industry-Focused Modeling Digital with Comp Card w/ INDICAPTURE

  • 95 US dollars

Session Description

MODEL DIGITALS are essential because they showcase your authentic, natural beauty, allowing agencies to envision you booking jobs without heavy makeup or styling. They provide a clear view of your skin type, hair health, and curves, ensuring you stand out in the competitive modeling world. Be sure to wear an outfit that is flattering, fitting to your body and no added layers. You will be required to bring 2 looks, one will be dark solid color tank top or slimming t-shirt with slimming solid color jeans, and the second will be dark solid color or nude color biker shorts (or boxer briefs) with a dark solid color sports bra or plain black or nude tape (Stay away from any patterns and logo branded pieces). Once signed, agencies typically request fresh digitals and headshots every quarter (approximately every 3 months). This helps them track your growth, age, weight changes, and current hair color and length. During the shoot, simplicity is key. We’ll capture you with no airbrush or editing, fresh face, simple hair (pulled back if long), or simple styling like straight back cornrows or blowout. Digitals and headshots are about presenting the real you, free from distractions like bright colors, patterns or dramatic styling. Our team will guide you in capturing the perfect shots against a white background with ample natural lighting, avoiding shadows for well-lit, clear images. Pose confidently in specific angles: headshots (non-smiling), full-body profile shots (non-smiling), 3/4 face side shots with or without eye contact, and full-body front-facing shots (smiling and non-smiling). Fashion agencies may prefer no smiles, while commercial agencies may request at least one smiling photo. Remember to capture a few shots showcasing your personality, but hold onto those unless the agency requests them later. Let your genuine self shine, and get ready to embark on an extraordinary modeling journey.

Contact Details

+ 1 4702317171

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